Conducting meaningful research into the mystery of global bee decline is not difficult if you are already aware of the science associated with climate changes. Changing your mind as to theories for the decline of bees is not difficult either.







Bees are a bit like people but minus the bad habits acquired by humanity over a long period of time.

Bees also have brains and lungs but the brain-power of people is often impaired to such an extent that they find themselves being detained and detached from the outside world, sometimes for life. This is known as mental illness with a concoction of labels invented by politically-educated psychiatrists.





A bee could suffer many of the medical calamities currently experienced by millions of people or about half of the world’s human population.

There has been a theory that bees lose their way home, a habit of those people suffering daily with dementia.

Bees can also suffer from metabolic malfunction, CFS, sight loss, sleep apnoea, anorexia, diabetes, depression, deformities, obesity or asthma. However, loss of immunity (A.I.D.S) and infertility are more likely and obesity is a possibility. Sadly, none of the afore-mentioned disorders can be excluded.






Bees and birds in the UK began to become fewer around 1950 but few people noticed due to being more interested in buying and using more cars, high-speed gas cookers, tickets for high-speed flights and televisions.

Too few bees may soon manifest as fewer bars of chocolate on shop shelves.









In London, there had once been millions of house sparrows but they too began to vanish together with other species of wildlife.

Mites have always sucked the blood from birds as an ancient habit but this pastime might just not be the cause of colony collapse disorder. If correct, then what is the reason for the rapid decline and mass vanishing of our beloved, ancient pollinators, frogs, hedgehogs, birds and butterflies?






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From around 1950, people all around the world began to increase their emissions of air polluting gases. This was achieved using high-speed gas cookers, faster cars and high-speed jet engines fixed to the wings of aircraft. These habitual changes then began to rapidly manifest as unhealthy climate changes that spelled doom for bees, birds, frogs, water voles, hares, mice, owls, rabbits, people and many other species of wildlife including whales.







Whales do not beach themselves without there being an identifiable reason.

When a whale comes to the surface of the ocean then it expects air to re-inflate it’s lungs. However, there seems to be an epidemic of whales seeking refuge and rest in shallow waters around the world. There are two reasons to consider for whales beaching and dying.

       1. The seas around the coasts of New Zealand, Scotland and Northern Ireland are frequently subjected to abnormally low atmospheric air pressures. If a whale should surface when a depression occurs then it will suffer lung retraction and hypoxia that would leave it minus some energy or suffering CFS.

       2. If the air that enters the lungs of a whale is heavily laden with invisible CO2 then the blood is poisoned. This is called hypercapnia and the whale would then suffer serious medical harm and be likely to die. Pressurizing their lungs mechanically with clean compressed air might be a method of saving some of them.



Question; ‘’Are kept and wild bees being sprayed with medically harmful chemicals?

Answer; ‘’Yes’’

Question; ‘’Who is doing the spraying?’’

Answers; below;

British Airways, Aeroflot, Malaysian Airlines, Garuda, Philipine Airlines. Cathay Pacific,

Virgin Atlantic, Saudi Arabian Airlines, the R.A.F, Thai Airlines, U.S.A.F and the others.

Question; ‘’ What chemical is being used?’’

Answer, Heavy Carbon dioxide (CO2) in gaseous form.


Hypercapnia = Hypoxia = infertility and loss of immunity to infection.




Wild bees live where they choose but kept animals must remain where their respective keepers have chosen to keep them. At undesirable elevations above sea-level, they are likely to suffer from the medical manifestations of untreated decompression illness. Hypoxia therefore comes into the equation.











Air polluters could be described as producers of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and heavy carbon dioxide on a grand scale. The afore-mentioned gases are actually chemical compounds in gaseous form. They each have different atomic weights and molecular sizes and are responsible for reducing atmospheric air pressures in addition to some blood poisoning.







Inside a beehive there are adult bees and infants.

S.I.D.S means Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

S.A.D.S means Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

S.A.D.S and S.I.D.S have baffled poorly-educated British police detectives for several generations just like the vanishing bee mystery baffles bee-keepers.





Mr David Cameron is a British Conservative politician. He suffers from curable S.I.F.S (Severe Insane Fracking Syndrome). Please ignore his insane outpourings in favour of bees.




Animals do not cook their foods but they do suffer from the cooking habits adopted by people. To resort to eating raw foods is one big step forward if kept and wild bees are to be cured of their infertility and loss of immunity.

To cancel planned journeys where highly destructive jet engines are used for pleasure purposes would be a huge step forward for bees, all species of wildlife and ill people.







The troposphere is minus a huge amount of water in gaseous form due to global deforestation and land being covered with heat-retaining concrete. Beekeepers and their supporters should scatter collected rainwater and waste waters onto land or concrete surfaces so that it may evaporate and thereafter oxygenate the air. Replacing the missing trees would also be helpful.







Hypoxia leads to infertility and loss of immunity among bees and many other species of wildlife. Infertile sparrows in London simply did not reproduce after the rapid increase of alien gas production following air industry expansion from 1950 onward. Nothing had killed them en-mass.






A low air pressure system (a depression) is an invisible event. This means that very few parents are aware of the dangers, particularly where they reside at undesirable elevations above sea-level.

The above-mentioned event can cause catastrophic lung retraction leading to acute hypoxia and sudden death for human babies and infant bees alike. If an abnormally low air pressure system arrives then that is the moment in time when some parents and beekeepers may kiss goodbye to their beloved infants.



Wild bees hibernate inside garden compost heaps, holes in rotting logs, holes in soils, holes in trees and within their respective hives. Unfortunately, they make no provision to ventilate the enclosures where they hibernate for many months and are therefore subjected to the quality of air made available to them by their careless fans. Where heavy carbon dioxide has fallen from the sky into a hole or a hive then the resident’s will suffer a condition known as hypercapnia. This basically means their blood is poisoned by the very people who rely upon bees for crop pollination or as a means of earning a living by producing and selling honey or other products.







The political promotion of gases and fossil fuels over a period of about sixty years has been somewhat counter-productive because the UK NHS are now unable to cope with so many ill people. There are now millions of children suffering from asthma, diabetes, tooth decay, obesity, depression, HBP, eating and sleep disorders all caused by hypercapnia and/or hypoxia.

The notion that salt, sugar and a lack of exercise are causing a national epidemic of obesity in the UK is simply politically generated nonsense without there being any credible or scientific evidence to support such political claptrap.

Where anybody suffers from high blood pressure, obesity, CFS, infertility, asthma, dementia, diabetes or sight loss then he or she really ought to jump onto the environmental bandwagon quick.

The best and quickest hope for your dear bees and ill people is the early election of the UK Green Party and the fast dismissal of the poorly-educated, obese Mr Boris Johnson as your Mayor of London.








Researchers looking into bee decline might find evidence of obesity. Bees on the two islands known as New Zealand endure different climatic conditions. The island nearest to the South Pole, the South Island, is where bee obesity may be evident if at all. Bees are more likely to suffer obesity in Scotland where atmospheric air pressures are usually lower than in England further south, particularly where they are kept on high land. Equine obesity is also more prevalent in Scotland.





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The shape, thickness and content of your rapidly-retracting troposphere will determine the future shapes of bees and people in addition to their medical wellbeing. Your adverse weather systems are all occurring within your troposphere and they are now causing serious flooding, erosion, forest fires, early death and environmental carnage.

Thank you kindly.



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